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Soudal Lead Sheet Sealant in Grey

Soudal Lead Sheet Sealant in Grey
Soudal Lead Sheet Sealant in Grey
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Soudal Lead Sheet Sealant is Low modulus neutral cure silicone. Eliminates the need for grouting. Long life. Adhesion to most building materials - all types of lead (BS:EN 12588 (1999) compatible, milled, rolled, sand cast, water-cooled), other metals, brickwork, concrete, granite, marble, slate, cement, stone and roofing tiles. Stain free on most substrates. Lead grey colouring. Non-corrosive. Good UV and weather resistance. Forms a watertight and permanently flexible joint.

Roofing joints. Sealing lead flashing into brick, stone or concrete. Joints on gutters, downpipes and venting. Steel roofing. Sealing overlaps in rigid sheet roofing.

• Excellent adhesion
• Stain free
• Good UV resistance
• Weather resistant

Brand Soudal
Size 290ml

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