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SX Contractors LMN Silicone Various Colours
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SKU: 105799 Brand: Siroflex
Neutral cure silicone SX Contractors LMN silicone from Siroflex is one component neutral cure silicone which can be used for sealing most building, construction and glazing joints. This silicone is almost odourless and cures with atmospheric moisture to form a durable rubber seal. Benefits Ve..
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SKU: 105796 Brand: Siroflex
Flexible water & weatherproof mortar Siroflex SX Contractors Lead Sheet sealant is a flexible mortar which provides a water and weatherproof seal. It has good UV resistance and cures under the influence of humidity to form a durable elastic rubber seal. BENEFITS Versatile sealant Neutral c..
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SX Instant Plaster Filler Non Shrinking
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SKU: 105794 Brand: Siroflex
Non-shrinking, ultra-light, ready mixed filler SX Instant Plaster filler is a non-shrinking, ultra-light, ready mixed filler for filling and repairing cracks and holes in walls and ceilings. It is quick drying and can be over-painted with emulsion based paint 10-20 minutes after application, subjec..
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SKU: 105791 Brand: Siroflex
Removes dirt & grime from PVCu SX PVCu Cream Cleaner is a high quality, viscous cleaner that has mild abrasive cleaning properties for effective cleaning of PVCu. It restores original finish of PVCu and due to the material being solvent free, it is an ideal non-hazardous cleaner. BENEFITS Res..
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SX Glass Cleaner Non Smearing 1 Litre Bottle
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SKU: 105789 Brand: Siroflex
Removes grease and dirt. Non smearing Siroflex SX glass cleaner is non-tainting liquid that allows easy removal of contaminates such as nicotine, atmospheric grime, oil deposits, finger marks and dust. BENEFITS Non-tainting AREAS OF APPLICATION Designed for use on most types of glass, mir..
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SKU: 105786 Brand: Siroflex
Heavy duty cleaner for PVCu SX PVCu cleaner is a high quality solvent with excellent cleaning properties. It is quick drying and will remove most contaminants such as grease, finger marks, labels etc, without causing any damage to the plastic surface. BENEFITS High specification solution whic..
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SKU: 105745 Brand: Siroflex
Over paintable immediately after application SX Instant Paintable Caulk is a high quality acrylic sealant specifically developed to be overpainted with water based and synthetic paints immediately after application. This product is for interior use and adheres to most surfaces perfectly without the..
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SKU: 105743 Brand: Siroflex
Unique acrylic sealant which prevents craze cracking with most paints SX Anti-Crack Caulk is a high quality acrylic caulk which is paintable and has the unique benefit of preventing craze cracking and discolouration of paint when painted with most water based and synthetic paints. This product adhe..
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SKU: 105726 Brand: Siroflex
One component moisture curing high-modulus polyurethane SX Polyflex HM is an one component, moisture curing, paintable, high modulus polyurethane sealant and adhesive. It has excellent adhesion to most building substrates and is fast curing with permanent and durable elasticity. BENEFITS High..
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SKU: 105705 Brand: Siroflex
Ultra strength instant grab adhesive SX Mighty Stregth Grip and Grab is an incredible, instant grab adhesive based on hybrid technology. It has initial bond strength double that of most other grab adhesives and bonds to vertical surfaces without slippage, eliminating the need for secondary support ..
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SX Mighty Strength Seal & Fix Sealant Adhesive
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SKU: 105692 Brand: Siroflex
Durable, flexible, adhesive and sealant SX Mighty Strength Seal & Fix is a high quality, universal adhesive and sealant based on hybrid technology for both interior and exterior applications. Approved by ISEGA to EN 1186 and EN 13130 and CEN/TS 14234, European standards for food preparation. May be..
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