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SKU: 100423 Brand: Wonder Grip
The Wonder Grip® WG-338 Thermo Plus is a fully double latex coated glove constructed on an 13-gauge acrylic liner. Thanks to the Wonder Grip Technology™ coating, it brings users grip and resistance in dry and watery environments. The WG-338 has been designed to provide a double protection: cold resi..
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SKU: 100422 Brand: Evo-Stik
EVO-STIK Flooring Adhesive is a ready to use adhesive specifically formulated for the permanent fixing of most types of floor coverings to a variety of substrates. The high strength adhesive is water based, solvent free and suitable for internal use.Suitable materials: For bonding most types of PVC ..
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SKU: 100421 Brand: Evo-Stik
EVO-STIK Sticks Like Sh*t Turbo is a high performance, fast setting grab adhesive that will hold up to 300kg/m² in just 15 minutes. The SM Polymer formulation can be used on almost all building materials and is both weather-proof and water resistant… it’ll even stick to wet surfaces. Suitable for in..
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SKU: 100419 Brand: Soudal
High yield PU gunfoamThis is Soudal Soudafoam Windows & Door Xtra Gun Grade high yield polyurethane expanding foam filler. Window & Door filling formulation with high linear expansion. Fills 50% more metres than standard Soudafoam Window & Door. Easy to use, one component. Rapid curing. ..
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SKU: 100418 Brand: Timco
A high quality, cost effective drill bit suitable for use in rotary hammers with the SDS plus tool system. • Fully heat treated to eliminate bending• Shot blast finish for rust protection• 260mm length..
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SKU: 100417 Brand: Soudal
This Soudal Silicone Remover is a ready-to-use and fast working product based on hydrocarbons for removing hardened silicones and MS polymers.PropertiesFast actingDoes not dripSpecifically for silicones and MS polymeresApplicationsRemoval of old silicone residue, spilled silicone or spilled MS polym..
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SKU: 100416 Brand: Soudal
Soudal SOUDAFIX P300-ST is a two-component anchoring resin for the pressure-free securing of anchoring rods, studs, reinforcing bars, threaded collars, profiles etc in various solid and hollow materials, such as uncracked concrete, light concrete, solid brick, hollow brick, porous concrete, natural ..
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SKU: 100413 Brand: Soudal
Elastic sealant for glass constuctions. Special silicone based adhesive-sealant for glass to glass bonding and for the production of aquaria. Completely safe for marine life once fully cured. PropertiesVery easy to applyVery low emission, EC1 PLUS R certifiedPermanently elastic after curingVery good..
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SKU: 100410 Brand: Timco
This is highly effective self-adhesive product, giving protecting from foot traffic, debris, spills, etc during decoration and building works. Film can be left up to 30 days before simple removal. (Not suitable for marble). NOTE: Please ensure you have read and fully understood the usage guidelines ..
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SKU: 100406 Brand: Timco
This is highly effective self-adhesive product, giving protecting from foot traffic, debris, spills, etc during decoration and building works. Film can be left up to 30 days before simple removal. NOTE: Please ensure you have read and fully understood the usage guidelines before installation.Protect..
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SKU: 100405 Brand: Timco
Provides a concealed and strong joint for worktops eliminating the need for surface mounted jointing strips. Frequently used in pairs. Brackets require 35mm holes...
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SKU: 100399 Brand: Wonder Grip
The Wonder Grip® WG-333 Rock & Stone is a glove with a double latex coating constructed on a 10-gauge cotton and polyester liner. HDML™ coating specially developed by Wonder Grip® offers a non-slip surface for an outstanding grip. This unique product, specially designed for heavy work, combines:..
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SKU: 100393 Brand: Wonder Grip
The Wonder Grip® OP-1300G Opty™ is our ultra-thin PU coated general handling type glove. Our Xtended Performances XP! ™ dipping offers an unparalleled thin and smooth protective coating, offering yet to seen levels of comfort and dexterity at your fingertips. Incredibly thin and soft, it gives users..
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SKU: 100387 Brand: Wonder Grip
The Wonder Grip® WG-318 Aqua is a double latex fully coated glove, constructed on a 13-gauge nylon liner. Thanks to Wonder Grip Technology™, the coating brings an unparalleled grip and strength in dry or wet environments. The WG-318 Aqua is 100% waterproof keeping the user’s hands dry and comfortabl..
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SKU: 100381 Brand: Wonder Grip
The Wonder Grip® WG-1857W Neo is a single nitrile coated glove, constructed on an 18-gauge extra fine nylon and spandex liner. Thanks to Wonder Grip Technology™, the nitrile coating provides users grip and resistance in dry and slightly oily environments. Incredibly thin and light, bringing the feel..
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SKU: 100372 Brand: Timco
A light duty metal screw with a large flat surface under the head, making it ideal for fixing thinner sheet material when a flush finish is required. Used when constructing drywall track and ceiling track systems to stitch the track together (Max. 3.0mm) without the need to pre-drill a hole. S..
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SKU: 100367 Brand: Timco
A low security lock commonly fitted to shed and green house doors which is surface mounted for quick and easy installation. The lock bolt engages on or into the door frame and does not require a keep. Supplied with 1 key.Fixings not included. Available sizes: 3 inch, 4 inch and 5 inch.Thicknes..
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SKU: 100366 Brand: Bostik
Bostik All Purpose is an ultra strong, quick drying, solvented, clear adhesive.It sticks a range of materials, including ceramics, fabrics, plastics, metal, paper, wood, glass and more! Perfect for general household, craft and office use.Suitable for use on most materialsUltra strong and fast-settin..
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SKU: 100363 Brand: Evo-Stik
EVO-STIK Sticks Like Sh*t is a high performance grab adhesive that can be used on almost all building materials, even in the wet. The SM Polymer formulation has a superior bond strength and is both weather-proof and water resistant, making it ideal for interior and exterior use.Available in white an..
Ex VAT:£3.60
SKU: 100362 Brand: Evo-Stik
EVO-STIK Linseed Oil Putty Natural is a glazing putty for the external face glazing of door and window frames. It is overpaintable and suitable for use on uneven frames, and has been specially formulated to give improved drying on non-porous surfaces.Suitable for wood and metal framesOverpaintableId..
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SKU: 100361 Brand: Evo-Stik
EVO-STIK Plumber's Mait Quick Leak Repair Putty is a strong, waterproof, fast-setting epoxy putty designed for long lasting emergency plumbing repairs to leaking pipes, radiators, tanks and cylinders.It can be applied to damp or wet surfaces so there is no need to drain the system. It is ideal for b..
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SKU: 100360 Brand: Timloc
Fits between the upper and lower parts of the Timloc telescopic underfloor ventilator to accommodate a vertical step of 6 to 7 brick courses.Does not restrict airflow through the main telescopic underfloor ventilatorPurpose-made accessories eliminate the need for on-site modificationsLightweight a..
Ex VAT:£2.20
SKU: 100359 Brand: Timloc
Adjustable ventilator to provide ventilation beneath suspended ground floors up to 5 brick courses. With incorporated grille to prevent vermin entry. The vertical height of the ventilator unit adjusts to suit between 3 and 5 brick courses (225mm-375mm) with a minimum cavity width of 50mm. We h..
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SKU: 100358 Brand: Everbuild
The Everbuild Superflow Sealant Gun is engineered to be what we believe is the best gun ever with a rotating barrel, smooth action trigger with 33% higher pull ratio*, soft grip handle and a non-drip device all wrapped up in a robust, sturdy gun that will handle the toughest of conditions.Suit..
Ex VAT:£21.29
SKU: 100351 Brand: Timloc
Robust airbrick ventilator ideal for use with cavity sleeves and the 1201 and 1201XL telescopic underfloor ventilators. Equivalent area marking to the front face of the airbrick is compliant with BS EN 13141-1:2004. The unique stepped front grille is designed to provide an unobstructed airflow and..
Ex VAT:£0.66
SKU: 100350 Brand: Timloc
This Timloc underfloor vent duct adaptor is to connect telescopic underfloor vent with round duct or round pipe. Suitable for round pipe or duct with diameter 110mm...
Ex VAT:£3.00
SKU: 100345 Brand: Timloc
Predominantly used in refurbishment, push-in soffit vents provide a convenient method of providing ventilation through an existing soffit board. Barbed ridges on the sides of each vent grip the soffit board and hold them securely in place.For roof eaves ventilation For remedial work on ex..
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SKU: 100341 Brand: Abro
Epoxy adhesives combine exceptional strength and durability. Ideal for home and automotive use. Epoxy steel bonds trim and ornaments, resistant to gasoline, anti-freeze and most solvents. Epoxy clear bonds trims, moldings, jewellery, glass and more. Dries clear. Resists water, detergents and most so..
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SKU: 100340 Brand: Shield Lubricants
This black gasket maker is flexible high-temperature resistant, watertight filling and bonding material. It is a polysiloxane based product in a pressure cartridge in a rapid and easy way.Is resistant to oils, transmission fluids, water, antifreeze, greases, smoke and hot toxic gases.Black RTV Silic..
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SKU: 100339 Brand: Timco
A precision screwdriver with interchangeable driver bits, manufactured from hardened and tempered chrome vanadium for extra strength and durability. Ideal for removing and installing electrical components and similar intricate applications.Ergonomic anti-slip grip handleHardened driver bits f..
Ex VAT:£6.36
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