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SKU: 100113 Brand: RTRMAX
This RTRMAX Turbo Diamond Cutting Disc is a high quality blade for fast and clean cut.Suitable for wet and dry cuttingFor use with all common building materials..
Ex VAT:£2.51
SKU: 100112 Brand: RTRMAX
This RTRMAX multi purpose disc is only 1.4mm thick, thin and precise cut evry time. Suitable for wet and dry cutArmoured steel coreFor tiles, porcelain and for all common building materials..
Ex VAT:£5.94
SKU: 100111 Brand: RTRMAX
This is a professional tile cutting blade for all tiles. Suitable for dry and wet cutting.Armoured steel coreStable and precision cut..
Ex VAT:£5.71
SKU: 100108 Brand: RTRMAX
RTRMAX Wet Diamond Cutting Disc, thin with an armoured core for fast and precise cut. For cutting granite, concrete and most tiles...
Ex VAT:£1.94
SKU: 100105 Brand: RTRMAX
This RTRMAX Fast Diamond Cutting Disc is a high quality blade for fast cutting and prolonged life.For cutting masonry, stone, tile and other common building materials..
Ex VAT:£2.06
SKU: 100102 Brand: RTRMAX
This RTRMAX Dry Diamond Cutting Disc has an armoured core for lighting fast, precise and chip free cutting. Self cooling, self sharpening with reduced noiseFor cutting tiles, porcelain, ceramics, terracotta, granite, concrete, marble..
Ex VAT:£1.94
SKU: 100096 Brand: RTRMAX
This RTRMAX tape measure is rubber coated and high accuracy tape meter. Automatic non-slip blade locking mechanismImpact resistant robust rubber casingAvailable in lengths - 3m, 5m, 7.5m and 10m..
Ex VAT:£2.29
SKU: 100095 Brand: RTRMAX
This RTRMAX crimped wire cup brush is a high quality and is designed for large flat surface areas. Intermediate action for cleaning and smoothing tarnished and dirty metals. Ideal for removing paint and light rust. For use with angle grinder...
Ex VAT:£1.60
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