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Here you find a good choice of heat resistant products like adhesives, sealants, silicones, spray paints and much more. These products are designed for use with applications where heat resistance is required. Silicone based sealants resist to less heat where non silicone-based sealants can be applied in higher temperature areas. This is to do with the chemicals used in the product. For example, heat resistant silicones are commonly used to make engine gaskets or repairing ovens and cookers.

Heat resistant spray paints are ideal for painting furnaces, heaters, barbecues, boilers, radiators, exhaust pipes, flues, chimneys and all types of equipment relating to high temperatures. They are perfect for small DIY project or for larger professional job. Additionally, we offer buff and black fire cements which are designed to be used in areas exposed to fire. Ideal for refreshing and repairing your old stove or fireplace. When you choose the heat resistant product, make sure it’s suitable for the job.