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SKU: 100258 Brand: Granville
Granville Lockthread is a fast curing, medium compound strength anaerobic thread locking compound for bonding and sealing threads and retaining cylindrical parts. Lockthread is highly resistant to heat, vibration, water, gases, oils, hydrocarbons and many other chemicals. The product is removable wi..
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SKU: 100257 Brand: Granville
Granville Silicone Grease is compounded from dimethyl polysiloxane fluid, the product has a broad temperature range and is chemically inert, being resistant to water (hot, cold, steam & brine), lubricating oils, most hydrocarbons & solvents, natural gas, refinery gases and many acidic soluti..
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SKU: 100256 Brand: Granville
Granville Cylinder Black is a single component, silicone modified alkyd based paint designed specifically for use on surfaces subjected to high operating temperatures.  Granville Cylinder Black air dries at room temperature to form a tough satin black film which matches OEM finishes.  The ..
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Granville Exhaust Assembly Paste 500g
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SKU: 100255 Brand: Granville
Granville Exhaust Assembly Paste is a high quality adhesive/sealant for sealing exhaust systems during assembly. Granville Exhaust Assembly Paste is supplied as a read to use thixotropic paste which exhibits excellent early grab and rapid bond strength development. After thermosetting the pr..
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SKU: 108005 Brand: Granville
Granville Exhaust Repair Putty is a water based, heat resistant fibrous putty based on inorganic water based binders and heat resistant fillers. Designed for use in the repair of exhaust systems for automotive and general industrial applications. Heat curing mechanism which provides quick repair tim..
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Granville Exhaust Repair Bandage
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SKU: 108003 Brand: Granville
Granville Exhaust Bandage is a quick, clean and easy way to repair holed and cracked exhausts. Heat from running the engine causes the resin impregnated bandage to bond to the exhaust system. Product Benefits Quick and easy repair Removes the need for expensive replacements Reduces noise and stop..
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SKU: 108001 Brand: Granville
Granville Instant Gasket is an acetoxy cure silicone sealant that cures quickly to provide a permanently flexible seal making it ideal for use as a gasket sealant to replace pre-formed gaskets. Can also be used as a gasket sealant with pre-formed gaskets. This product must NOT be used on cylinder..
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Granville Underbody Seal Schutz 1 Litre
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SKU: 107998 Brand: Granville
Underbody Schutz is a durable, thixotropic, fast drying anticorrosion coating based on bitumen. The product has excellent sound deadening effects and offers a durable protection to the chassis of, for instance, cars, trucks and coaches. After drying it remains a tough, adhesive film resistant again..
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SKU: 107541 Brand: Granville
Granville Ceramic Brake Grease is an exceptionally high quality grease that is non- conductive and non-melting. It is highly water resistant and ideal for vehicles with ABS braking systems. Ceramic Brake Grease is free from copper additives and is suitable for use with aluminium brake components. ..
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SKU: 107539 Brand: Granville
Granville Marine White Grease is a high quality mineral oil based product with solid lubricant additives. Marine White Grease has been formulated specifically for use in areas of high water ingress including both fresh and salt water. Designed for the lubrication of plain bearings, ball & roller..
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SKU: 107537 Brand: Granville
Granville Battery Terminal Grease is a premium quality automotive grease for use on battery terminals to prevent corrosion and aid the removal of battery leads. Product Benefits Prevents corrosion Aids in the removal of battery leads Excellent isolating properties Product Usage: Automotive el..
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SKU: 107535 Brand: Granville
Granville Red Rubber Grease has been specifically designed for use in environments where compatibility with seals and/or resistance to Hydrocarbons is required. Red Rubber Grease is compatible with both natural rubber and synthetic seals. The formulation of the grease makes the product mechanically ..
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SKU: 107533 Brand: Granville
Granville CV Grease (constant velocity joint grease) is a Lithium based No 2 grease with a Molybdenum Disulphide additive package. Granville CV Grease is specifically designed for use in most modern constant velocity joints found on trucks, vans and cars. The grease is very tenacious and will resist..
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SKU: 107531 Brand: Granville
Granville Copper Anti-Seize Compound is a soft copper coloured grease used to prevent seizure caused by metal to metal contact under arduous conditions. The product is both thermally and mechanically stable, very water repellent and will naturally adhere to metal surfaces. Ensures excellent prote..
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SKU: 107529 Brand: Granville
A premium quality high melting point EP2 multi purpose grease with extreme pressure additives for use in all roller type anti-friction and plain bearings subjected to high load conditions. Used extensively for applications throughout industry and the automotive sector. Product Benefits Excellent ..
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