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SKU: 100405 Brand: Timco
Provides a concealed and strong joint for worktops eliminating the need for surface mounted jointing strips. Frequently used in pairs. Brackets require 35mm holes...
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SKU: 100367 Brand: Timco
A low security lock commonly fitted to shed and green house doors which is surface mounted for quick and easy installation. The lock bolt engages on or into the door frame and does not require a keep. Supplied with 1 key.Fixings not included. Available sizes: 3 inch, 4 inch and 5 inch.Thicknes..
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SKU: 100327 Brand: Timco
Drive in post spikes are a quick and easy way to erect fencing and garden posts as they require no digging or concreting into place, saving time and money. The bolt secure version features 2x 8mm carriage bolts that tighten and clamp the post firmly into the post holder section to prevent an..
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SKU: 100322 Brand: Timco
The TIMco Timber Hanger range has been designed to give a quick and simple solution for various timber to timber connections such as joists and stairwell trimming. The superior design allows the use of fewer nails for faster installation. All widths can take up to a 220mm deep joist. Manufac..
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SKU: 100318 Brand: Timco
Designed to give a small and economic light weight timber to timber connection such as loft hatches and decking. Timber to timber joist hangers are suitable for light duty applications such as ceiling joists, decking and trimmers. Manufactured from pre-galvanised steel to give a high level o..
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SKU: 100297 Brand: Timco
Fence post caps create the perfect decorative finish to the top of fence posts and also protect the top of the fence post from weather. Perfect decorative finish to the top of fence postsProtects the top of the fence post from weather damageCan be painted over to match with a different fence colourT..
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SKU: 100277 Brand: Timco
These Timco Taurus Brenton Padbolts are used for securing flush mounted gates and shed doors in domestic and light commercial applications. They are pad-lockable and fixed with carriage bolts for added security. Available sizes: 4" - 100mm6" - 150mm8" - 200mmAvailable finishes:Epoxy BlackZincHot..
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SKU: 100274 Brand: Timco
This Timco Basin Fixing Kit is designed to securely mount washbasins to a variety of solid building materials. Countersunk nylon bushes designed to ensure no damage is done to the basin during installation. Can also be used into wood without the use of nylon plugs.Heavy Duty Kit contents:14 x ..
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SKU: 100231 Brand: Timco
These Timco two piece clip on caps and with retaining washers, to provide a protective and decorative finish. Available in 9 different colours in gloss finish.Designed to fit screw Ø (mm) 3.5 - 4.2mm | 6 - 8 Gauge (Imperial).Cap diameter: approx 15mmCap edge height: approx 2.5mmCap center height: a..
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SKU: 100043 Brand: Timco
These Timco chemical anchor threaded studs are designed for use when fixing with chemical resins. (Nut setter included) • Chisel point, prevents the rod turning when tightening• External hex drive• Embedment depth mark• Manufactured from grade 5.8 carbon steel..
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