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Evo Stik Hard & Fast Metal Epoxy Putty

Evo Stik Hard & Fast Metal Epoxy Putty
Evo Stik Hard & Fast Metal Epoxy Putty
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Evo-Stik Hard & Fast is an easy-to-mix steel reinforced epoxy putty. Once set, it is as hard as steel and can be used for fixing towel rails, repairing exhaust pipes, stopping leaks in radiators, welding pipes together, filling around an outside tap and much more!

  • Can be drilled, filed, sanded, machined or painted 1 hour after use.
  • Can be applied and set in wet conditions.
  • Bonds permanently to aluminium, brass, copper, steel, fibreglass, glass, hard plastic, ceramics, wood and most other materials.
  • Resistant to temperatures up to 150°C.


Preparation - Ensure surfaces are clean and free from grease and loose materials. Roughen the surface with sand paper to aid adhesion. Protective gloves are recommended.


  • Cut off the amount required for the repair and knead until the two colours are uniform with no streaks.
  • Within 2 minutes of mixing, apply to the surface pressing firmly. Ensure holes or voids are completely filled.
  • Remove any excess material and for a smooth finish, rub lightly with a wet cloth before it has had time to set.

Setting - Hardens in 10 minutes and is fully cured in 1 hour.

Storage - Always store in a cool, dry place within a temperature range of 5°C - 30°C. Protect from direct contact with air.

Brand Evo-Stik
Functional Cure 1 Hour
Set Time 10 minutes
Size 50 grams
Type Metal Epoxy Putty

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