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SKU: 100358 Brand: Everbuild
The Everbuild Superflow Sealant Gun is engineered to be what we believe is the best gun ever with a rotating barrel, smooth action trigger with 33% higher pull ratio*, soft grip handle and a non-drip device all wrapped up in a robust, sturdy gun that will handle the toughest of conditions.Suit..
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SKU: 100226 Brand: Everbuild
This Everbuild coving adhesive is a high strength solvent free gap filling adhesive that provides a quick ‘grab’ for fixing polystyrene and plaster coving and cornices to sound porous surfaces. Dries white and is over paintable when dry. Do not apply Coving Adhesive at temperatures below ..
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SKU: 100083 Brand: Everbuild
Everbuild Tecnic Joint Backer Rod is a non-absorbent compressible grey closed cell polyethylene foam backup material. It is inserted into a joint to control sealant depth and create a backstop to allow appropriate sealant tooling.Quick and easy to applyReduces sealant usageImproves sealant per..
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SKU: 108424 Brand: Everbuild
Everbuild Stixall Extreme Power is the ultimate combined building adhesive and sealant, based on hybrid polymer technology, with the most Extreme power to both bond and seal virtually EVERYTHING to ANYTHING in nearly all conditions, even under water or in the rain! Stixall Extreme Power offers al..
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SKU: 108420 Brand: Everbuild
One Strike is a revolutionary filler formulated using lightweight polymer bubbles that fills holes and cracks, even deep holes, in just one quick application. There is no need for secondary filling to level off as the filler will not shrink, sag or crack. Easy to apply No sanding required – finishes..
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SKU: 108288 Brand: Everbuild
Everbuild Anchorset Green 300 and Red 300 are a styrene free chemical anchors that features an easy to use twin bag system operated by a standard sealant gun, making these a perfect solution for builders of all skill levels. Perfect for satellite dish mountings, gate hinges, balcony rails etc. Rapid..
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SKU: 108273 Brand: Everbuild
This Everbuild Multi-Purpose Premium Joiners Grade Wood Filler is an easy to use, ready-mixed filler ideal for sealing nail holes, cracks, gaps and minor imperfections in wood. It is easy to sand and can be stained, varnished and painted. Water-based filler Non-flammable Waterproof when dry Low odou..
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SKU: 108253 Brand: Everbuild
Everbuild 2 Part High Performance Wood Filler is a fast-drying exterior and interior wood filler. The 2 Part Wood Filler is easy to mix and apply and is completely weatherproof. Once mixed, the filler sets hard to a shatterproof finish in approximately 30 minutes and may be drilled, carved or planed..
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SKU: 108238 Brand: Everbuild
This Everbuild Concrete Hardener & Dustproofer is formulated from high quality silicate resins to both harden and dustproof new and old concrete floors for both internal and external use. It reacts chemically with the lime content of concrete to form a hard-wearing surface. - Fast acting - Dries..
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SKU: 108236 Brand: Everbuild
This Everbuild Waterseal is a high-performance transparent water repellent specially formulated to prevent water penetration on all mineral substrates such as brick, stone, concrete, pebbledash and rendering. - Solvent-free formula - Improved water beading compared with traditional solvent-base..
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SKU: 108212 Brand: Everbuild
EVERBUILD STICK2® Touch Up Enamel is a premium quality, high gloss enamel that provides superior rust protection and dries to a mirror-like finish. It is ideal for touching up scratches and chips or enamel and lacquer damages on bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances and ceramics. It is highly durabl..
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SKU: 108205 Brand: Everbuild
Everbuild Black Jack 904 Bitumen Roof Felt Adhesive is a cold applied, oxidised bitumen-based adhesive used to bond roofing felt to most surfaces including metal, concrete, timber and more. - High bond strength - Suitable for sealing roofing felt laps and bonding chippings to final layer of felt..
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Aquaseal Wet Room System Tanking Tape 5m
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SKU: 108096 Brand: Everbuild
Aquaseal Waterpoof Tanking Tape is a self adhesive joint and corner tape ideal for use when waterproofing showers, wet rooms and wet zones in bathrooms before tiling. A permanently flexible butyl backed fleece with cross directional stability, Waterproof Tanking Tape can be used on all board joints,..
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SKU: 108094 Brand: Everbuild
Aquaseal Waterproof Tanking Membrane is the ideal ready-to-use waterproofing compound. It provides a permanently flexible watertight membrane on floors and walls prior to tiling in shower areas, wet rooms and wet zones, and other areas subject to water exposure. Forms a permanently flexible watertig..
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Aquaseal Wet Room System Standard Tanking Kit 4.5m²
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SKU: 108092 Brand: Everbuild
EVERBUILD® Aquaseal® Wet Room System is designed to provide a permanently flexible watertight mem-brane prior to tiling in areas such as showers, wet rooms, wet zones in bathrooms and other tiled areas subject to water exposure such as balconies and partially covered external areas. The EVERBUILD® A..
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Aquaseal Wet Room System Large Tanking Kit 7.5m²
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SKU: 108089 Brand: Everbuild
EVERBUILD® Aquaseal® Wet Room System is designed to provide a permanently flexible watertight mem-brane prior to tiling in areas such as showers, wet rooms, wet zones in bathrooms and other tiled areas subject to water exposure such as balconies and partially covered external areas. The EVERBUILD® A..
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SKU: 107765 Brand: Everbuild
Everbuild Fix & Fill Expanding Foam Spare Nozzles. These will fit most manufacturers standard expanding foam cans (hand held). We tested these with Everbuid, Bond It and Soudal expanding foam cans...
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Everbuild Everflex Aqua Mate Silicone Sealant
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SKU: 107763 Brand: Everbuild
Everbuild Everflex Aqua Mate Sealant is a high modulus acetic cure 100% silicone sealant and adhesive designed specifically for aquarium manufacture. - 100% fish safe formula - Free from fungicide and solvent - Fast cure – gives quick early strengths - Extremely low dirt pick up - Remains per..
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SKU: 107758 Brand: Everbuild
EVERBUILD® MAMMOTH® POWERFUL GRIP TAPE is apolyester fabric-reinforced double-sided tape with apowerful synthetic rubber/resin adhesive, designed togive an incredible immediate bond strength that has tobe seen to be believed. It will bond to virtually any ma-terial, indoors or outdoors, including ce..
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SKU: 107134 Brand: Everbuild
Everbuild Lumberjack 550 is a high specification, hybrid polymer, cartridge or foil pack applied adhesive specially designed for fixing all types of wooden floors directly onto all common substrates. Lumberjack 550 has the following key benefits: 100% active solvent and water free, will not cause wa..
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SKU: 107129 Brand: Everbuild
Everbuild Plumbers Gold is specially formulated for the plumbing professional, it is a new type of sealant and adhesive based on hybrid polymer technology that offers outstanding adhesion to all sanitary, bathroom, wet room, kitchen and plumbing materials. For example, hard plastics, acrylics, fibre..
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