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Milliput is a versatile manipulative two part epoxy putty which when mixed together sets rock hard. When first mixed, the putty is pliable and easily shaped. By wetting the Milliput with a finely woven moist cloth a very smooth finish can be easily obtained.

Standard Milliput is our general purpose grade - it has been used for many years for the toughest tasks.

Typical applications:

  • Filling dents and scores in metal, plastics or woods
  • Repairing water and fuel systems
  • Caulking, filling and sealing on fiberglass, metal and wooden boat decks and hulls
  • Modelmaking, Jewellery making, Sculpting
  • Picture frame restoration
  • Plumbing repairs, Underwater applications
  • Temporary repairs for car petrol tanks, batteries, radiators and exhausts.

Silver Grey Milliput is suitable for applications that do not involve extremely fine details. Slightly finer than Standard Milliput. Ideal for repairs to stone coloured garden ornaments.

Typical Applications:

  • Modelmaking, Sculpting, Ceramic restoration
  • Garden ornament restoration

Superfine White Milliput is specially formulated for the restoration of porcelain and ceramics where a fine finish is desired. Milliput also allows for missing parts to be reconstituted. Superfine White Milliput is recognised as one of the finest materials available for ceramic restoration.

Typical applications:

  • Ceramic restoration, Picture frame restoration
  • Jewellery making, Modelling, Sculpting
  • Repair and filling UPVC, Swimming pool repairs
  • Chips, scratches and other imperfections in baths, showers, sinks, tiles and white kitchen appliances

Black Milliput is the most recent addition to our range of products. Ideal if you want to match a black surface without painting it afterwards. Once cured the beauty of Milliput is that it can be drilled, filed and sanded while still retaining its adhesive properties and bonding strength.

Typical applications:

  • Repair of antique clocks
  • Guttering, Ebonised wood, Marble, Slate
  • Cast Iron, Basalt ceramics, Black plastic parts
  • Automotive applications, Jewellery making

Terracotta Milliput has been featured in the gardening sections of national newspapers and leading gardening magazines.

Typical applications:

  • Modelmaking, Sculpting, Picture frame restoration
  • Repair of Terracotta pots, Garden urns, Damaged brickwork
  • Quarry tiles internally and externally, Underwater applications

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Nicholas Hargreaves 2023-12-14 08:19:34

Best price and delivered promptly

Bill Gwilliam 2023-10-21 09:32:11

As described, easy to mould and once set it is very hard. I used it to repaint the neck of a porcelain lamp to hold the electrical socket. I pressed a design into it and it was very acceptable

Andrew White 2023-09-06 14:34:15

It does what it says. Slow to set which i prefer and rock hard once set.

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