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Vitcas SG - Stove Glass Fireplace & BBQ Cleaner
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SKU: 100480 Brand: Vitcas
This Vitcas Stove Glass Cleaner comes now in new larger bottle giving you 30% extra free. Quickly and efficiently removes soot, grease, tar and burnt on marks from the glass surfaces of stoves and ovens.Benefits:Gives a long lasting, excellent shineSuitable for removing the most stubborn stainsSimpl..
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SKU: 100417 Brand: Soudal
This Soudal Silicone Remover is a ready-to-use and fast working product based on hydrocarbons for removing hardened silicones and MS polymers.PropertiesFast actingDoes not dripSpecifically for silicones and MS polymeresApplicationsRemoval of old silicone residue, spilled silicone or spilled MS polym..
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SKU: 100075 Brand: Evo-Stik
EVO-STIK Adhesive Cleaner is a mixture of solvents for cleaning the residue from solvented adhesives. EVO-STIK Adhesive Cleaner can tackle wet or dry adhesive and even small areas of old adhesive can be removed.It is ideal for cleaning substrates prior to bonding, in particular rubber, metals and ma..
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Bond It PVCU Solvent Based Cleaner 1L
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SKU: 106719 Brand: Bond It
Bond It PVCU vleaner effectively removes ingrained dirt and restores surface colour without leaving a residue. NOTE: For wood grain PVC finishes use Bond It Foil Safe Solvent Cleaner. APPLICATION DO NOT SMOKE WHILST USING THIS PRODUCT! Use heavy gloves to protect hands from solvent. Soak a clean a..
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SKU: 106717 Brand: Bond It
Bond It PVCU cleaner is an effective solvent-free cleaner for uPVC frames, cladding and trims. Also suitable for use around the house, ideal for cleaning taps, trims, plastic or enamel baths and tiles. Removes dirt and stains and can be buffed to give a deep sheen finish. Non-corrosive. APPLICATION..
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SKU: 106715 Brand: Bond It
Bond It glass cleaner is a fast-acting, high quality cleaner with a non-smear formula. Excellent for cleaning windows and mirrors. Trigger spray for easy application on 1L bottle. APPLICATION Adjust spray nozzle to give required spray pattern. Spray from 200mm (8"), a light application of cleaner...
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SKU: 106529 Brand: Bond It
Bond It De-Bond Mate is a non-drip gel formula for the complete removal of cured silicone sealant, particularly when silicone has been accidentally smeared over glass, ceramics or counter tops. Removes all types of silicone and sealant by breaking up and digesting the material, leaving surfaces clea..
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SKU: 106480 Brand: Soudal
Soudal Glass and Mirror cleaner is a high performance, Alcohol based cleaner for the cleaning of different types of glass and glass materials. Fast drying and non-smear formula. CHARACTERISTICS Alcohol based Fast acting and drying Smear free Suitable for industrial scale applications.APPLICATIONS..
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SKU: 106479 Brand: Soudal
Soudal PVCu Frame Cleaner is Solvent based cleaner for PVCu materials. Fast acting. Non smear formulation. Removes ingrained dirt. CHARACTERISTICS - Solvent based - Fast acting and drying - Smear free - Multi-purpose usage. APPLICATIONS Suitable for the removal of dirt, pen and pencil marks on all P..
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SKU: 106475 Brand: Soudal
Soudal PVCu Cream Cleaner is General purpose, solvent free, cream cleaner for a sparkling finish on PVCu and other materials. Solvent free formulation. Removes ingrained dirt. Can be buffed to a deep and attractive sheen. CHARACTERISTICS - Solvent free - Fast acting and drying - Smear free - Mild ye..
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SKU: 105791 Brand: Siroflex
Removes dirt & grime from PVCu SX PVCu Cream Cleaner is a high quality, viscous cleaner that has mild abrasive cleaning properties for effective cleaning of PVCu. It restores original finish of PVCu and due to the material being solvent free, it is an ideal non-hazardous cleaner. BENEFITS Res..
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SX Glass Cleaner Non Smearing 1 Litre Bottle
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SKU: 105789 Brand: Siroflex
Removes grease and dirt. Non smearing Siroflex SX glass cleaner is non-tainting liquid that allows easy removal of contaminates such as nicotine, atmospheric grime, oil deposits, finger marks and dust. BENEFITS Non-tainting AREAS OF APPLICATION Designed for use on most types of glass, mir..
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SKU: 105786 Brand: Siroflex
Heavy duty cleaner for PVCu SX PVCu cleaner is a high quality solvent with excellent cleaning properties. It is quick drying and will remove most contaminants such as grease, finger marks, labels etc, without causing any damage to the plastic surface. BENEFITS High specification solution whic..
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