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Buhnen HB 196 Professional Hot Melt Stick Glue Gun
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SKU: 108230 Brand: Buhnen
Buhnen HB 196 is a professional hot melt stick glue gun. It’s in a class of its own: the smallest model in the wing.line® design series. Slim, black, blue and with a removable power plug. The device is able to process a stick without a power connection. Short-term applications outside or away from t..
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SKU: 108228 Brand: Buhnen
BÜHNEN hot melt adhesives can be used in nearly all areas of production for permanent bonding and mounting, for securing materials, as a sealant or potting compound. BÜHNEN hot melt adhesives are solvent-free, thermoplastic single component adhesives, which are heated and melted. These glue stick..
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