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SKU: 107389 Brand: Bond It
This Bond It A70 studlock is resistant to fuels, oils, hydraulic and refrigeration fluids. Also acts as a lubricant during assembly to ensure accurate torquing and protection against corrosion. Prevents rusting or corrosion and cannot be dismantled once adhesive has set. APPLICATION Coat threads..
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SKU: 107385 Brand: Bond It
This Bond It threadlock is used as a locking compound for direct application to lightly oiled components. Replaces spring washers and lock nuts. Allows for disassembly using the correct tools. Also prevents rusting or corrosion. Non-drip consistency for clean, economic application. APPLICATION A..
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SKU: 107229 Brand: K2 Bond
2K Metal Bond is an epoxy adhesive for metal bonding of industrial strength. It hardens like steel after mixing epoxy resin and hardener. Can be drilled, tapped, sanded, led. Chemical resistance – for both industrial and private use...
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SKU: 107227 Brand: K2 Bond
K2 Mega Bond is a professional epoxy putty for parts repair and reconstruction. It has hundreds of applications whether in motorization, industry or at home. Stops leaks in pipe joints, water tanks, transmissions covers, oil pans. The surface cured with epoxy can be grinded, drilled, machined, etc. ..
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SKU: 107225 Brand: K2 Bond
K2 Bond Mega Tank is an industrial epoxy putty for instant repairs of fuel tanks, coolers and other elements without dismantling. Instantly seals and hardens like steel, after that can be grinded, drilled or machined. Completely plugs all types of holes, crevices and cracks. Resistant to water, dete..
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SKU: 107211 Brand: K2 Bond
K2 Bond Prolok W271 is high strength thread protection. Perfectly protects screw joints against screwing out and thread corrosion. Should be used when frequent disassembly is not necessary. K2 Bond Prolok W243 is medium strength thread protection. Perfectly protects screw joints against screwing ..
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SKU: 107152 Brand: Soudal
Soudal Carbond 940 FC is a high quality, one component polyurethane adhesive sealant for a wide range of bonding and sealing applications. CHARACTERISTICS Very easy application Stays elastic after curing Very good adhesion on many materials Excellent resistance to many chemicals Excellent resista..
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