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Lead & Roof Sealants

Bond It Roof and Gutter Sealant in Black
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SKU: 106635 Brand: Bond It
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A polymerically reinforced lap jointing sealant and adhesive used to prevent leaks in gutters and downpipes. Forms a flexible seal. APPLICATION Suitable for repairing and maintaining general roofing, roof drainage systems and crack down pipes, etc. It is ideal for use on metal, c..
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Bond It Flash-Mate Roofing Lead Sealant
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SKU: 106555 Brand: Bond It
Bond It Flash-Mate Lead Sheet Sealant is a fast skinning roofing sealant that reduces weather ingression, tile lift and noise. Tough, resilient and compatible with lead. CE Approved: Conforms to EN15651-1,2; F EXT-INT, G. APPLICATION Can be used to bond glass and glazing plastics as well as small..
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SKU: 106449 Brand: Soudal
Soudal Roof and Gutter Sealant is a rubberised, oil based sealant which remains predominantly in a semi-dry, paste like condition. The nature of this product ensures excellent adhesion to most common roofing materials including asphalt, bitumen, felt, metals and wood. APPLICATIONS Permanent weatherp..
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SKU: 106446 Brand: Soudal
Soudal Lead Sheet Sealant is Low modulus neutral cure silicone. Eliminates the need for grouting. Long life. Adhesion to most building materials - all types of lead (BS:EN 12588 (1999) compatible, milled, rolled, sand cast, water-cooled), other metals, brickwork, concrete, granite, marble, slate, ce..
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SKU: 106438 Brand: Soudal
Soudal Aquafix is SOLVENT based plasto-elastic sealant that adheres onto most surfaces even when damp or under water. Ideal as en emergency repair product or as a general sealant where the job must be done even in the rain. Totally transparent. Easy to apply and tool. Highlyflexible. APPLICATIONS Se..
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SX Contractors Lead Sheet Sealant Grey
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SKU: 105796 Brand: Siroflex
Flexible water & weatherproof mortar Siroflex SX Contractors Lead Sheet sealant is a flexible mortar which provides a water and weatherproof seal. It has good UV resistance and cures under the influence of humidity to form a durable elastic rubber seal. BENEFITS Versatile sealant Neutral c..
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