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SKU: 100311 Brand: Marxman
Marks a fixing point through fittings or fixtures. A unique patented tool designed so that with one push it quickly, easily and clearly marks almost any surface. Simply push the Marxman pen into the fixture hole and a burst of bright green chalk will mark the surface with the required drill hole poi..
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SKU: 100358 Brand: Everbuild
The Everbuild Superflow Sealant Gun is engineered to be what we believe is the best gun ever with a rotating barrel, smooth action trigger with 33% higher pull ratio*, soft grip handle and a non-drip device all wrapped up in a robust, sturdy gun that will handle the toughest of conditions.Suit..
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SKU: 100339 Brand: Timco
A precision screwdriver with interchangeable driver bits, manufactured from hardened and tempered chrome vanadium for extra strength and durability. Ideal for removing and installing electrical components and similar intricate applications.Ergonomic anti-slip grip handleHardened driver bits f..
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SKU: 100338 Brand: Timco
A ratcheting handle screwdriver with assorted driver bits and hex sockets. Featuring a soft grip ratchet handle with adjustable angle control with 29 assorted chrome vanadium driver bits and 14 zinc plated sockets.Adjustable angle handle for dual driving functionPrecise ratchet mechanismComfor..
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Duyar Spatula Filling Knife Set of 4
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SKU: 100101 Brand: Duyar
These filling knifes are ideal for small filling job. Perfect for working with wood filler or with car body filler.Made of quality spring steel.Blade thickness approx 0.35mm.Set comes in widths 50mm, 80mm, 100mm and 120mm..
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SKU: 100096 Brand: RTRMAX
This RTRMAX tape measure is rubber coated and high accuracy tape meter. Automatic non-slip blade locking mechanismImpact resistant robust rubber casingAvailable in lengths - 3m, 5m, 7.5m and 10m..
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SKU: 100083 Brand: Everbuild
Everbuild Tecnic Joint Backer Rod is a non-absorbent compressible grey closed cell polyethylene foam backup material. It is inserted into a joint to control sealant depth and create a backstop to allow appropriate sealant tooling.Quick and easy to applyReduces sealant usageImproves sealant per..
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RAL K7 Classic Colour Chart With 213 Colours
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SKU: 108540 Brand: RAL
RAL is an European colour matching system which defines colours for paint, coatings and plastics. RAL Classic is the most famous and widely used system. The classic K7 fan deck contains all 213 classic colours. Every page contains 5 colours, which makes the fan deck very convenient and practical. Fa..
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Buhnen HB 196 Professional Hot Melt Stick Glue Gun
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SKU: 108230 Brand: Buhnen
Buhnen HB 196 is a professional hot melt stick glue gun. It’s in a class of its own: the smallest model in the wing.line® design series. Slim, black, blue and with a removable power plug. The device is able to process a stick without a power connection. Short-term applications outside or away from t..
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SKU: 108026 Brand: 151
This is a heavy duty cutting knife from 151 Products Ltd. Comes with 6 spare blades...
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SKU: 107765 Brand: Everbuild
Everbuild Fix & Fill Expanding Foam Spare Nozzles. These will fit most manufacturers standard expanding foam cans (hand held). We tested these with Everbuid, Bond It and Soudal expanding foam cans...
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SKU: 106831 Brand: Soudal
Steel skeleton gun. Soudal dripless system. Suitable for all cartridge applied adhesives, fillers and sealants. Available in 310ml and 380ml sizes...
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SKU: 106829 Brand: Soudal
Professional grade polyurethane applicator gun for use with gun foams. Available for Gun Grade Systems. APPLICATIONS For the application of PU foams and cleaners. REMARKS Gun Grade: standard Size Click & Fix: Standard Size..
Ex VAT:£16.27
SKU: 106612 Brand: Bond It
This handy sealant applicator tool kit from Bond It is for the smoothing and finishing of mastic sealants, both internally and externally. Use to create recessed joints, perfectly flush joints and tidy fillet sealant joints with any type of mastic sealant. Supplied in a neat plastic case with inst..
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SKU: 106610 Brand: Bond It
Bond It Snip Off is a handy and safe cartridge cutter. Cuts threads and nozzles in one easy action...
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SKU: 106594 Brand: Bond It
This skeleton sealant gun from Bond It is an economy extruder gun for use with cartridge products. All guns have an hexagonal drive bar for improved control and an anti-drip release feature. APPLICATION Use with all cartridge based silicones, sealants and adhesives (up to 410ml)...
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SKU: 106592 Brand: Bond It
This Bond It heavy duty foam gun is made entirely of metal, it is robust and easy to handle with its ergonomic hand-grip made of anti-solvent nylon. Body, adaptor, non-returnable valve and nozzle are teflon coated to prevent foam from sticking to the gun and facilitate cleaning. Exceptionally hard w..
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SKU: 106587 Brand: Bond It
Bond It Professional Foam Gun is a high quality metal gun for use with gun grade polyurethane expanding foams and MegaStik PU Adhesive. Screws onto the canister for quick and easy application. The 1M gun is designed for sealing roofs and mounting insulation and wall panels. Heavy duty, metal, chrom..
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